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Ladies: Try this for a better bum

With popular social media users frequently posting pictures of great female bottoms with a ‘she squats’ caption or reference to squatting, I feel it’s time to explain this and also enhance on the ‘squatting’ idea for a great bum.

Squatting is a great exercise, full stop! And everyone (within reason) should be able to squat and squat low! Sorry to tell you but your Gluteus Maximus (bum muscles, also known as glutes) are mainly activated when you go below parallel in the bottom position of the movement. So if you’re not squatting low don’t expect the best results. Now a … Read more

VIDEO: don’t bench press until you’ve watched this

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Two Tricep workouts that will make you grow

There is nothing more manly than a carved out set of snaking triceps. This incredibly powerful horse shoe shaped muscle sits on the back of your upper arm and is an important show muscle which makes up 66% of the arm musculature. It is not only responsible for improving your bench press but is also closely linked to testosterone aromatisation, meaning the leaner your triceps the more free testosterone you should have (There’s a reason why women get bingo wings a men tend not to). But how do you get the best results of your triceps workouts?
The first step to … Read more

The biggest mistake in abdominal training

Crunches, sit-ups, Swiss ball, ab bench, roman chair, ab roller, hanging leg raises…. The list of abdominal exercises is endless but which exercises are best?
Did you know a bad abdominal programme can ruin your physique?
Sorry to say it but this very short article is actually just a personal rant but before you accuse me of being negative and skipping past this let me explain…
THIS DRIVES ME MAD – Have you ever seen this…?
One of my personal pet peeves is watching a personal trainer (or two training partners) getting their client to do crunches or sit-ups whilst they hold or stand … Read more

VIDEO: 2 tips to improve your shoulder workout

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Is your trainer any good?

Now days it seems everyone is a personal trainer! The truth about ‘qualified’ trainers. Getting qualified as a personal trainer is easy, it is made easy! The final exams for the units are multiple choice & this enables people to train clients safely and effectively?? No wonder the failure rate for personal trainers in their first year of business is 90%. The general public are getting wise to the ‘three sets of 15’ or ‘jump around’ trainers out there and are turning to the Internet to get programmes, diet advice and to answer any questions they may have on how … Read more

Stupid training… rounding your back at speed!

There are thousands of training methods at the moment that all claim to be the best way (& better than the rest) at shedding fat , getting you toned & looking like a Hollywood superstar! HIIT, Met-con, Insanity, are just to name a few fantastic systems that will get you great results. However there is one thing that really annoys me, trainers & coaches that make up their own movements or coach movements with no knowledge of biomechanics. The movement that I see a lot of is the ‘power squat’
1st of all I’m not sure where the name ‘power squat’ … Read more

VIDEO: Should you use lifting straps

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