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How to warm up properly

Going straight into your first set immediately from the changing room without warming up properly is not only a sure way to get you injured it’s also the best way to make your workout harder.
A proper warmup prepares your muscles for an intense workout by firing up your central nervous system (CNS) which means your muscles will contract quicker, making you stronger and prepared when the real work begins.
A general warm-up is an individual choice. Jogging or cycling is typical but not ideal if you’re warming up to lift weights. It’s very popular to do a few sets of 15-20 … Read more

Should You Stretch When Lifting Weights?

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Is your trainer any good?

Now days it seems everyone is a personal trainer! The truth about ‘qualified’ trainers. Getting qualified as a personal trainer is easy, it is made easy! The final exams for the units are multiple choice & this enables people to train clients safely and effectively?? No wonder the failure rate for personal trainers in their first year of business is 90%. The general public are getting wise to the ‘three sets of 15’ or ‘jump around’ trainers out there and are turning to the Internet to get programmes, diet advice and to answer any questions they may have on how … Read more