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How often should you weigh yourself

So you’re doing everything you can to lose weight. You’re eating clean, training hard and avoiding the peer pressure nights out and take aways. You’ve had a good week and jump on the scales…….
You haven’t lost any weight.
The disappointment and frustration you feel for a few hours after this will likely make you contemplate throwing in the towel and eating your body weight in pizza and chocolate or it might make you drastically restrict your calories in an effort to force weight loss to occur.
These are all completely normal feelings but before you ‘hit the hut’ have a think about … Read more

How often should you train?

The answer to this question is very individual to the trainee.  Everyone I know who is training to improve their physique does so 3-6 times a week (preferably one hour or less per session).
When working with clients there are a few things which I always need to consider to help me determine what is the optimal training frequency for the individual throughout a week.
The recovery of your muscles is extremely important and can be directly linked to your ability to train frequently. If your muscles are always sore and as a result your performance is hindered then potentially you need … Read more

No time to train and diet?? Take you day back

Haven’t got time to train or diet? Not enough hours in the day? Take them back!
The battle against your constant opponent of time is a never ending war that is waged even when you’re asleep. Any battle is won with tactics that ensure you progress whilst keeping the enemy at bay.
Tactic 1: Give up surfing!
According to a recent poll office workers admitted spending roughly 2 hours each working day surfing the Internet; Social media, shopping, looking at holiday destinations. Consider using apps which enable you to block certain sites at certain times of the day or limit them yourself … Read more