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How to stop yourself falling forward when you squat

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2 things to do for a better bum

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Ladies: Try this for a better bum

With popular social media users frequently posting pictures of great female bottoms with a ‘she squats’ caption or reference to squatting, I feel it’s time to explain this and also enhance on the ‘squatting’ idea for a great bum.

Squatting is a great exercise, full stop! And everyone (within reason) should be able to squat and squat low! Sorry to tell you but your Gluteus Maximus (bum muscles, also known as glutes) are mainly activated when you go below parallel in the bottom position of the movement. So if you’re not squatting low don’t expect the best results. Now a … Read more

Ladies lift weights to burn more fat and tone up

I have never heard of any woman getting bigger muscles accidentally. Have you?
As a personal trainer I often hear two things from female clients; ‘this won’t give me big muscles will it!?’ And ‘I bulk really easily!’
There is a general misconception amongst female trainees that if they start lifting weights that they will turn into He-man. Women do not ‘bulk’ from weight training; they simply do not have the hormonal production to elicit noticeable gains in muscle mass in a short period of time. Females tend to produce 15-20 times less of the male sex hormone testosterone than healthy men … Read more

VIDEO: The most overlooked tip for fat loss

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VIDEO: Perfect lunge technique

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