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Should you train in a plastic bag?

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How often should you weigh yourself

So you’re doing everything you can to lose weight. You’re eating clean, training hard and avoiding the peer pressure nights out and take aways. You’ve had a good week and jump on the scales…….
You haven’t lost any weight.
The disappointment and frustration you feel for a few hours after this will likely make you contemplate throwing in the towel and eating your body weight in pizza and chocolate or it might make you drastically restrict your calories in an effort to force weight loss to occur.
These are all completely normal feelings but before you ‘hit the hut’ have a think about … Read more

How to warm up properly

Going straight into your first set immediately from the changing room without warming up properly is not only a sure way to get you injured it’s also the best way to make your workout harder.
A proper warmup prepares your muscles for an intense workout by firing up your central nervous system (CNS) which means your muscles will contract quicker, making you stronger and prepared when the real work begins.
A general warm-up is an individual choice. Jogging or cycling is typical but not ideal if you’re warming up to lift weights. It’s very popular to do a few sets of 15-20 … Read more

Get rid of man boobs

Lots of men complain about stubborn fat around their nipple area, which won’t go away! Obviously this can affect the way your body looks and how confident you feel in your clothes because your pecs can lack shape, appear soft and it can be a very frustrating and embarrassing thing to deal with.
The reality is that different people will hold fat in different places, that’s part of who you are and the genetics which make you, (I used to suffer with this problem). The places in which you hold your body fat are very good indicators of what’s going on … Read more

The problem with online calorie calculators

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3 Workouts to get that V-shape

The ‘classic V-shape’ is something that even today is a look that men still aspire to achieve, and why not!? Broad shoulders and back and a tight waist with a good set of abs looks awesome!!
Getting broader shoulders
You getting broader shoulders will be somewhat limited by the length of your clavicle (collar bone) but this doesn’t mean your muscle gains are limited!
The muscles you want to target for getting wider are the medial (middle) heads of your deltoid muscles.
Your deltoids sit at the top of your arms and the medial head is responsible for lifting your arm laterally away from the … Read more

2 things to do for a better bum

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Why do cardio?

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10 tips to start a fat loss programme

1. Commit to your goals and be consistent
When beginning a diet and training programme being committed to your goals and the programme you have chosen may quite simply be the most important thing. If you allow outside variables to affect your progress you are more likely to fall off the wagon and regress into bad habits.
Hand in hand with commitment is consistency. Don’t bounce from diet to diet and from training plan to training plan until you have logically explored all aspects of what you are currently doing. Stay the course and if you aren’t getting results make small changes … Read more

How to get motivated to exercise

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