Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont
Richard Beaumont

Body fat % decreased on average 1% a week. Started at almost 21% and now in my teens.

I went to see Matt as I was getting married in July. Best decision I ever made!

I’d been going gym for over 12 years and always believed I knew what I was doing. Always wanted that beach body but in all the years of going gym I never managed to attain it. I was recommended by a friend to speak with Matt and as I mentioned above it was the best decision I ever made.

Matt set me on an 8 week program that included diet for me to adhere to. At almost 4 weeks into the program the results were already amazing.

I now have a ‘6 pack’ lol – formally this was a ‘family pack’ (one big belly) with no definition lol.

My strength has increased drastically. I train Jiujitsu twice a week and this is the feed back I have received from my sparring partners.

My fitness/stamina while doing jiujitsu has increased allowing me to train harder and longer before tiring resulting in more calories being burned a.k.a burning more fat!!

My clothes are fitting me a hell of a lot better.

My body fat % has decreased on average 1% a week. I started at almost 21% and am now in my teens.

Definition and overall appearance has changed drastically and I’m very happy with results so far.

Matt your a star!!! I should of come see you years ago…