Nick Stride

Nick Stride
Nick Stride

Waist measurement at start 109.5cm

Current Waist measurement 90cm & still losing

109.5kg – 83kg (26.5kg lighter)

This time last year I’d just got back from ‘Murica and I was pretty chunky so I decided to ask Matt for some help with training and diet. I’m now a whopping 26.5kg lighter!

Matt has been an amazing help to my progress, not just to my fitness and strength but to my lifestyle and diet as well, I was surprised at how quickly we hit my targets. I lost 10cm off my waist in my first 14 days!

The sessions we had together we’re great and left me feeling confident to go into the gym by myself and do my own thing without him looking over my shoulder. 

His knowledge shone through our sessions, not only teaching me great workouts but also teaching me why I’m doing them and what I’ll achieve from it. 

Overall I really enjoyed our time together and would now call him a friend more than a trainer.

A big thank you bro.