Michelle Schoonderwoerd

Michelle Schoonderwoerd
Michelle Schoonderwoerd


Weight 70kg – 59kg

Body fat 32.8% – 23%

Waist 87.5cm – 76cm

Hips 106.5cm – 94cm

Arms 32.5cm – 28.5cm

So before I started training with Matt, I was literally doing nothing. I wasn’t exercising and never tried it as I was sure it wasn’t for me and wasn’t working anyway. I was eating loads off shit, and just kept growing.

I was getting more and more insecure, I didn’t want to go out anymore as I was looking horrible in everything.
At that point I decided it was enough, and I had to invest in myself and my happiness.
Best decision I’ve ever made!!!

Matt has shown me that working out is for everyone, and I’m actually really enjoying it now! He has also changed my mindset about food, I’m making healthy choices now.
Throughout training with Matt, he’s always explained everything, was always there for me if I had a question, and really pushed me to do better! Now I’m so much more confident, I’m  going to the gym, and actually enjoying it, eating healthy, and I just feel so much better in myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not there yet, but if It wasn’t for Matt, I would not have been anywhere yet. I can honestly say he has changed my life!

Thank you for training me Matt, you’ve really changed me as a person!