Esme Spear

Esme Spear
Esme Spear


Weight 85kg – 72.1kg

Body fat 31.6% – 25%

Waist measurement 105.5cm – 90cm

Hips 113.5cm – 105.5cm

Arms 31.5cm – 26cm


Before I started training, I was doing hardly any exercise and not watching what I was eating at all or thinking how it was affecting my body and health.


The Food

I thought the only proper healthy meal I could have was salad. I was clueless about exercise and was convinced I didn’t have the time to go to the gym.

Matt looked at the food I was eating, and how that was having different effects on my body. He explained the foods that I should be eating to fuel my body correctly and why.

When I did eat foods that I shouldn’t have, he helped me to look in to why I decided to eat it and has helped me change my mindset so I am more focused on getting the body I want and less likely to do it again.

Matt also showed me that eating healthy doesn’t really restrict me or my lifestyle and that it is more than just eating salad all the time!

The Exercise

Matt has always taken the time to explain to me each exercise can benefit my body and taught me how to complete it correctly, where I should be feeling it in my body. Pushing me to always do better and to carry  on going when I thought I can’t do anymore (you were always right Matt!), and always been there to answer my questions, no matter how random or stupid I felt they may have been he never made me feel like they were.

Matt always paid attention to what I enjoy doing at the gym and ensured that on each training plan I have exercises I enjoy doing as well as helping me to start enjoying the exercises that I didn’t like at first – apart from push ups I will never enjoy them, although I am slowly getting better at them!

How did this change your life?

I don’t think there is any comparison on my life now compared to when I first met Matt. When we first met, I didn’t have a clue how to work out or push myself out of my comfort zone.

Eating healthy and exercising is no longer a chore or an inconvenience. I really enjoy working out and am enjoying my food so much more now than I was before. I can’t remember the last time I went into a gym before I met him, and the thought of going to the gym made me feel really self-conscious and anxious but now I don’t give it a second thought and after 2 days of not going to the gym I miss it. I’m even planning when I can get to the gym when I’m on holiday.

I am actually enjoying pushing myself at the gym and achieving more with my workouts – which is something I never thought I would say.

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