The real reason you have no energy

Trust me

Being knackered all day every day isn’t something you have to accept or live with.

I’ve worked with 100’s of people who all complain of having low energy before they started being coached by me and now have bags of energy they can channel into their careers, families and relationships.

So if you always…

  • Feel tired
  • Can’t focus or concentrate at work
  • Suffer from mood swings
  • Are too knackered to workout
  • Struggle to get out of bed
  • Regularly fall asleep on the sofa
  • Feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you seem to have…

You can get your youthful energy back and feel great again

Here are a few reasons why you may always feel tired and some coaching tips from me on what to do about it.

Little or poor quality sleep

Lack of sleep, or quality sleep is so common. Don’t take a good nights sleep or consistently good sleep for granted.

Ensure you get 7-8 hours, silent, pitch back, deep, undisturbed sleep. Turn your room in to a pitch black cave by switching all lights off and blacking out the windows with curtains or blinds.

Also avoid scrolling on your phone before bed as the blue light emitted from your electronic device will prevent your brain releasing melatonin, which tells you its time to sleep.

These may seem like small changes but the longer it takes you to get into deep restful sleep the less actual deep sleep you will get before your alarm goes off, limiting recovery and ability to recharge your energy supplies.


Think of your blood system as a delivery system, transporting energy and other essentials to your muscles and brain. If you are dehydrated your blood is thicker and therefore moves more slowly, inhibiting the delivery of these essentials.

Your organs are also largely made up of water so if you are dehydrated, so are they, reducing their ability to do their job optimally.

Get 3-4 litres of fluid per day. Predominantly water but any teas & coffees can be included in your fluid intake as the diuretic effects are negligible compared to that liquid you consume in the drink itself.

Lack of movement

A sedentary body can lead to a sluggish circulation and foggy mind. If you work out first thing in the morning or later in the day, break up the rest of the day with short walks or some light stretching and get your circulation going and some blood to your brain.

A standing desk might help to promote healthy blood flow to brain and limbs especially when in front of a computer all day.

If you’re not currently exercising at all think about performing an afternoon workout to break up the day and get your blood pumping.

To much daily caffeine

Yes, a coffee will boost performance and increase your concentration levels. But with every peak comes a crash and long term use of caffeine can lead to a dependence.
Every time you consume caffeine your adrenal glands produce stress hormones. Do this to often and you can start to ‘burn out’ and begin to rely on coffees just to keep your performance at what you would consider normal levels (tired without it).
Limit your caffeine intake.
My personal recommendation would be 1-2 per day and definitely avoid caffeine after 3pm (earlier in sensitive individuals), to ensure you get deep restful sleep.

Poor nutrition

Consuming heavy meals with little or no nutritional quality will leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic.

Junk and heavily processed foods come with little or no enzymes to aid digestion so they will sit in your stomach for longer whilst your body has to produce more and more enzymes to break them down. This will make you tired as your digestive system struggles to process it all.

Ever seen the pictures of the MCDs burger that gets left for a year and looks exactly the same as a new one? What on earth has been done to it to prevent it rotting on its own…?? Now imagine putting that in your stomach.

Lack of nutrients

If you’re deficient in certain nutrients, vitamins and mineral’s because you aren’t getting a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, essential fats and lean proteins you cant expect you body or brain to run efficiently and your mind to be razor sharp.
Consider the physical and biological demands you put on your body from training, family & career stress.
All these stressors require recovery and you can’t recover fully if you aren’t supplying your body with the range of quality and essential nutrients it needs to do so.

Too deep a deficit

Setting your calories really low at the start of a transformation or going really low carb may seem like a great idea to get really quick results but I guarantee you will feel like crap pretty soon after.
Yes you need to be in a deficit but only a few hundred calories below maintenance. You can do this by slightly reducing your day to day food or moving a little bit more throughout the day.
Keep carbs in your diet too, there’s no reason to get rid of them completely, especially if you want you brain to be clear and focused. Glycogen, a sugar, is the preferred fuel source for the brain.

Trigger foods

You may be sensitive to certain foods. Some mornings you wake up exhausted and can’t work out why. It could be the cheese or wheat you had the night before that’s been digesting whilst you sleep…
I’m not going to demonise any particular food here but start being very aware and listening to your own body and how you react to certain foods.
It might not always be the obvious things as well.


Much like caffeine, if you keep stimulating your adrenals by consistently being in highly stressful situations, you can eventually burn out.

You may even notice that you are waking up alert during the night and cant figure out why…

If you struggle to get to sleep, wake up alert, feel like you have to battle to get out of bed in the mornings and have to snooze your alarm more than once I can definitely help you..

Do you want to get control of your life and get your youthful energy back?

I’d love to hear from you if you’re struggling with energy or focus and want to make changes to your physique, lifestyle and health..

Feel free to send me a quick message with any questions you may have


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