The life changing morning routine for progress driven professionals

Is this you?

Wake up, give your partner a kick for snoring, snooze alarm, check email, quick scroll on social media, struggle out of bed, get the kids up, make coffee, argue over who goes in the bathroom first, rush breakfast, get kids in the car for school run, get back home to start work or jump on the train into town for the office… (add your own stressors).



This easy to implement morning routine will

  • Improve your peace of mind & control your own headspace
  • Get you focused and energised for the day
  • Help progress your own life like nothing before



If you want to be a high performance individual you need to make sure you fuel yourself and hydrate your brain to be sharp, clear and decisive.

I start every day with a strong coffee & a litre of water with a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt (electrolytes) to hydrate quicker than just water alone.


Be in your own energy

Don’t turn your phone on until you’re ready.

The last thing you want is to be asked for something by a demanding boss at 6am, pulled into a conversation which stresses you, or triggered by someone on social media when you have your own goals to achieve.

Feeling overwhelmed or having demands and needs placed upon you in the morning can make you incredibly unproductive as you start ‘fire fighting’ other peoples tasks and needs instead of peacefully working through your own.

Scrolling through cat memes or comparing yourself and your life to others on social media is also not going to serve you in any way.


Progress & Values

I always have my targets and values in front of me in the morning along side my critical actions list.

These are the three points of reference for my day, week, month, year.

Written the night before – the critical actions I need to complete today that fall within my overall goals and values to progress my life as much as possible.

Whether its training, business, lifestyle, family or personal growth it all leads to a happy successful life.



Walking in sunlight in the morning will not only promote healthy sleep/wake cycle and vitamin D production. It will also improve blood flow to your brain for clarity & decision making.

Remember, the largest amount of the fat we burn daily comes from our activity, not from our exercise. So a morning walk will contribute to improved body composition as well.

I do most of my critical thinking, idea expansion and decision making when walking round my local park (its my own personal version of meditation).


Give it a try

Give this morning routine a try and I guarantee if you implement it, your days, weeks and months will be so much more focused and progressive


If you struggle with stress and overwhelm or can’t seem to get focused or progressing in the right direction you might benefit from coaching



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