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15 Benefits of training with a buddy.

Do you wish you had more motivation, accountability, support & comradery?
There’s likely a reason why you don’t push yourself in the gym, at least not to your maximum & that you struggle to stay consistent or accountable.
Could you be enjoying exercise & getting better results than you currently are?
Stop going it alone!
In this day and age unless you know specifically what you’re doing in the gym and with your diet, have a detailed plan coupled with unfaltering self-motivation and are 100% dedicated to working out 100% of the time I would recommend everyone trains with someone.
Whether it be a trainer, … Read more

10 Tips to start gaining muscle

Eat enough protein

You can’t build muscle without putting in the building blocks. Dietary protein is required to build muscle & the best sources come from animals (poultry, fish, beef, dairy). To ensure that your body stays in a positive nitrogen balance (having an excess of protein to assist in growth & repair) and that your muscles are supplied with constant building material it is essential that you eat every 2 -4 hours. 1.5g-2g per lean kg of body weight.

Look after your gut

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. If you have an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract … Read more

Surviving The Christmas Dinner

It’s a tough choice isn’t it?
(A) Enjoy Christmas, say to hell with the body fat & start again in January OR (B) be ‘boring’ and avoid anything tasty because you’re ‘dieting.’
You can still eat tasty food, enjoy your Christmas and even consume some additional calories & have a drink without all your hard earned efforts from the year going out the window.
I’m all for relaxing and enjoying your Christmas, for some this may be the only time of year where you can sit down with family and friends and eat a meal together that isn’t in a Tupperware box.
Take a … Read more

5 most common fat loss myths

Myth 1. Don’t eat carbs in the evening
The myth I probably here most is that you shouldn’t consume carbohydrates after 6pm otherwise they will be stored as fat (I even hear trainers telling their clients this).
I can tell you that this is COMPLETELY untrue.
Fat storage all depends on your calorie intake, overall diet and hormonal/physical health versus how much you are burning and how hard you’re training.
Nearly all of my clients will consume carbohydrates after training and most will train in the evening. If carbohydrates in the evening are causing you to … Read more

How do i get toned? explained

From conducting thousands of consultations for a massive range of clientele over the years there is one statement that I hear time and time again:
‘I want to tone up.’
If I had a pound for every time I heard ‘I want to tone up’ I would be a richer man. Another phrase I hear is ‘I want to tone up but I don’t want to lose weight.’
If you understand how to get toned then you will know that this phrase is actually doent make complete sense.
Let me explain
A muscle fibre is made up of two main parts;
Sarcoplasm – The fluid inside … Read more

Male show muscle: Shoulders, arms and chest my best tip for each

Guys, your arms, chest and shoulders (aka gunz, pecs & boulders) are your male ‘show muscles.’ They set you apart from the average Joe couch potato and you work hard at them but are you maximising your potential?
Here is a tip for each to maximise your gainz!
Point your elbow at the floor. When performing any variation of bicep curls whether it be barbell, dumbbell, standing or seated. You should always keep your elbows pointing at the floor and also lead with your little finger.
One of the main roles of the biceps muscle is to supinate (turn your palms to face … Read more

Which protein powder should I use to get the best results?

Whey protein is the most popular & most expensive health and fitness supplement on the market and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but with so many brands, types and additional ingredients it’s hard to know which product to choose.
For those of you who were using whey in the ’90s when it first hit the market you’ll remember how cheap it was! Since then the price has sky rocketed. New technology has brought new production and filtration methods and the quality of whey being offered today by many companies has improved and the quantity of products has … Read more

The biggest mistake in abdominal training

Crunches, sit-ups, Swiss ball, ab bench, roman chair, ab roller, hanging leg raises…. The list of abdominal exercises is endless but which exercises are best?
Did you know a bad abdominal programme can ruin your physique?
Sorry to say it but this very short article is actually just a personal rant but before you accuse me of being negative and skipping past this let me explain…
THIS DRIVES ME MAD – Have you ever seen this…?
One of my personal pet peeves is watching a personal trainer (or two training partners) getting their client to do crunches or sit-ups whilst they hold or stand … Read more

How to lose fat, your choices.

Ok so you want to burn some fat and you have already sensibly cleaned up your diet, ditched the junk for more intelligent choices & have been exercising for a few weeks. Now that fat loss has stalled what next?
Well if you are doing all of the above consistently and not lying to yourself you have a few choices to make:

Reduce calories
Eliminate carbs
Switch fuels (take carbs out your diet & replace with protein and fat)
Start or increase cardio
Start or increase the frequency of workouts
Increase the length of your workouts
Take fat burners
Hire a specialist

I will go into a little bit of … Read more

Manipulate these to grow

Have you stopped growing? Are you stuck with the same body size and shape?
How often do you change your workout? Have you been lifting the same weights for what seems like forever? Do you do the same workouts every week? Do you train only a few body parts & miss others out like legs?
If any of this sounds familiar then you need a programme designed by a professional that can help you develop your physique to your absolute potential. I know because I’ve been there myself and I’ve coached hundreds of men out of plateaus so that they continue to … Read more