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Please Support The Soil Association

Do you think good clean food is a right not a privilege? I do!
Do you think we should pay a premium for food that hasn’t been sprayed with harmful chemicals, fed antibiotics or genetically modified?
Walking a marathon
With this in mind I am supporting The Soil Association by trekking across London 26.2 miles (42km The same distance as the London Marathon), down The Thames path from Putney bridge to The Thames Barrier zigzagging over some of the15 bridges I will pass.

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Who are the Soil Association ?
The Soil Association are the UK’s leading organic food and farming charity who also believe good … Read more

My Scafell Pike Climb

On the 4th of March 2017 I climbed Scafell Pike. This was a fantastic experience and recommend everyone attempt it. You really don’t know silence until you’ve stood on top of a mountain.
Two reasons for this climb

To do something great on my birthday
To raise money for Compassion In World Farming

Currently raised £395 Thank you to everyone that donated.

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