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Hey guys I’ve got a crazy offer for you!
We love the kids in our families but they take up so much of our time.
Now they are heading back to school it mite be time and opportunity to re-focus on yourself and your goals with a little more free time.
The gyms have been quiet for the last 6-8 weeks with the school holidays so its the perfect time to jump back in the deep end with your training and see some results.
Summer Sale: I want to help you
2 weeks of intensive training can make a huge difference to your physique and … Read more

The truth about eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet FACT!
Did you know we eat 1.2 trillion eggs a year worldwide? The average person eats 173 eggs per year. This popularity is probably due to them being one of the most versatile and affordable sources of protein available, I mean after all you can use eggs in so many ways: Boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, making omelettes, pancakes, in sauces, stir fries, rice, the list is endless.
But here’s 10 things your probably didn’t know about eggs
Brown eggs are better than whites???
Did mum ever tell you that brown eggs are better for … Read more

Please Support The Soil Association

Do you think good clean food is a right not a privilege? I do!
Do you think we should pay a premium for food that hasn’t been sprayed with harmful chemicals, fed antibiotics or genetically modified?
Walking a marathon
With this in mind I am supporting The Soil Association by trekking across London 26.2 miles (42km The same distance as the London Marathon), down The Thames path from Putney bridge to The Thames Barrier zigzagging over some of the15 bridges I will pass.

Support me here: Donate
Who are the Soil Association ?
The Soil Association are the UK’s leading organic food and farming charity who also believe good … Read more

How to get rid of muscle soreness

Everyone wants to know what can you do to bounce back as fast as possible from post workout muscle soreness. Here are the most effective methods to speed up your recovery between sessions and get rid of ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ (DOMS).
Hot-Cold Contrast Showers
These increase blood flow and help to shuttle inflammation out of the muscle through a cycle of vasodilation (hot water makes the blood vessels dilate) and vasoconstriction (cold water makes the blood vessels constrict). Just take a 5 minute shower, and alternate between 1 minute cold and 30 seconds hot on the muscle you want to help recover.
Although it … Read more