Frustrated? Stop doing these to burn more fat

Are you struggling to make progress and don’t know what to do to get you moving in the right direction again. Your results will ultimately depend on many factors but here are 4 things you should avoid if you aren’t getting the results you want. Sometimes it takes somebody from the outside to highlight these points to you before you see for yourself these are actually the real issues preventing your progress.

Trust me getting the body you always wanted is definitely possible if you keep a few principles in mind…

Eating Too Much Junk

You may not think you eat much junk, but keep a food diary for a week and take a look at all of the things you pick at and it can often be a big eye opener.

Even if you’ve try to fit foods in within your calories or macro goals the reality is you can still be eating poor quality food which isn’t giving your body the necessary nutrients to recover, support optimal metabolism and hormonal output.

Focus on quality, single ingredient foods, be your own chef and don’t cheat unless you’ve absolutely earned it.

Gaps in your nutrition

Do you eat the food you should be eating to energise your workouts and support recovery?  When I ask somebody who tells me they aren’t making enough progress, are you in a calorie deficit?

Are you eating enough protein to maintain your health & muscle mass?

Are you eating enough fat to support your hormones?

The point I’m trying to make is you can’t be disappointed by your lack of progress if you are not being consistent or completely lost in conflicting information.

If there’s gaps in your nutritional plan you are inevitably going to reduce your ability to recover and lose fat and potentially cause your metabolic rate to slow down as your calorie requirements are not being met. This will lead to a slump in your energy levels and put stress onto your hormonal system.

This is the downward spiral to frustration and usually binge eating at the weekends.

No Programme

Do you walk into the gym and decide ‘I’m going to do chest today’ or ‘I think I will do a bit of abs at the end of my workout.’ It’s all too common to see people doing the same workouts every week for months and not really understanding how to progress.

This means that you’re training and results are going to stagnate very quickly and you will fail to see any adaptation in your physique (a complete lack of results).

A personalised plan (like the ones I do for my clients) takes into account, your busy day to day schedule, training volume, rep ranges, tempo, rest periods and intensity changes from one training phase to the next, which leads to more fat loss, muscle building and avoids plateaus.

Lack of Intensity

I guarantee that if I train you, or even stand next to you for a workout I would get more reps or effort out of you. I would get you to work at a higher intensity and focus a lot more on the exercise with less rest.

The reality is that a lot of people just don’t push themselves hard enough and get out of their comfort zone, therefore they never really see any substantial changes in their physique.

With one of my programmes you will always have 3 key things put in place for every workout which focuses the level of intensity on the goals you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Specific exercises within your own training programme that are designed to fit your physique and get the best response from your time in the gym.
  2. Panned progressions built in so that the results keep coming.
  3. A custom nutritional plan which completely compliments the workout & supports your physique and health so you feel energised but shedding body fat.

Be relentless about results

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