Client of the month

August – Julie Lumley (again)!


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape

Two months in a row Julie has been client of the month now. Well done Julie

Results from 19th April – 30th August

19th April

  • Waist measurement 96cm
  • Body fat percent 37.3%


30th August

  • Waist measurement 76.5cm
  • Body fat percent 29.6%


So how did we do it?

The diet is continuing to work nicely and Julie’s now experimenting with new ingredients and recipes.

Training is moving onto some more advanced methods as her fitness levels have increased dramatically, even with zero ‘cardio’ (Julie hasn’t stepped foot onto a treadmill at all).

The diet and training will now work hand in hand to elevate certain hormones which will help reduce body fat from the more stubborn areas on Julies body.

Here’s what Julie has to say…

I feel so proud to be chosen for Client of the Month again! With my job having long holidays, in the past I have struggled to stay focused and motivated when not at work. Working with Matt has changed that completely! Having just had 6 weeks off, I have continued to lose weight steadily and have continued to work hard at the gym, with and without Matt. I feel so much more confident in the way I look and feel. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Matt has changed the way I think about health and fitness. He is brilliant at answering questions and giving advice about nutrition, diet and random questions about supplements. I could not have achieved any of this without him.

It could be you next… Work with me