Client of the month

Alex Conway


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape
  • Strengthen body to support arthritis¬†

Results to date

Before measurements
Waist 92cm
Hips 112cm
Weight 85kg
Body fat 34.7%

After measurements
Waist 79cm
Hips 103.5cm
Weight 76.5kg
Body fat 29.4%

So how did we do it?

Alex came to me because she wanted to lose weight and get stronger muscles to support her joints.

Suffering with mild arthritic pain she felt quite limited and wasn’t sure of the best way to improve her physique and reduce pain whilst getting stronger.

Making some changes to her diet and a brand new exercise programme has given Alex a whole new lease of life and she’s now leaner, more active and stronger.

Here’s what Alex has to say…


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