Client of the month

Jo Shirley


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape
  • Complete a marathon distance trek for charity
  • Compete in a triathlon


Results to date


  • Waist measurement 102cm
  • Body fat percent 25.9%



  • Waist measurement 96cm
  • Body fat percent 19.8%


So how did we do it?

Jo has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we are continuing on now from “fat loss” to strength and conditioning for her first triathlon.

Getting Jo to exercise and make the relevant changes to her diet was relatively easy. Managing day to day stress and improving sleep were our biggest challenges.

With a few changes to her lifestyle, nutrition, nutrient timing and the introduction of a few supplements to support certain hormones and bodily systems she has dropped body fat, improved her body shape, sleeping better and now performing better.

Currently we are working on making sure her joints and muscles are performing optimally so that she can run, swim and cycle well whilst ensuring she is fueld to perform like an athlete!

Here’s what Jo has to say…

Since training with Matt I’ve really seen results, both in how I look and feel. He really knows his stuff and I love that he always explains why he’s getting me to do something, as well as how to do it. Workouts are always challenging but fun, and he mixes it up regularly so it doesn’t get boring.

Before training with Matt I’d never been to the gym. I was going to classes but not seeing any improvements and was struggling to motivate myself. Now I’m hooked!

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