Client of the month

Helen Ashendon


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape
  • Improve confidence in and out of the gym

Results to date

Start weight 83kg

Current weight 70.9kg

So how did we do it?

Working with Helen has been an absolute pleasure 🙂

When I first met her she was like the majority of ladies who want to drop body fat and improve confidence and doing a lot of cardio but no real direction with training or nutrition.

We gave her a plan to follow and straight away she fell in love with strength training & wanted to be able to do chin ups which quickly become a snowball of confidence and she saw her arms change shape and tone.

Looking and feeling confident has given her a whole new energetic and outgoing way of life which has made her want to keep going

Working with me as an online coach:

Helen is now working with me online at home and is continuing to drop pounds for body fat working out in isolation.

  • Training programme – to fit her busy lifestyle as a legal secretary
  • Exercise guides to ensure perfect exercise execution
  • Specific supplement schedule – to support her hormonal system and function
  • Diet plan – to meet her requirements and day to day schedule
  • Cardio plan – to compliment her training
  • Mobility plan – to work around injuries and improve flexibility

Here’s what Helen has to say..

I am one happy lady!! Working with Matt has been so good!

I was spending hours at the gym doing cardio and never understood why I wasn’t seeing results (although, clearly I wasn’t eating the right things either!). Love, love, love strength training and am always trying to increase my weights. It gives me such a buzz to feel stronger. I am annoyed with myself for not doing something like this years ago but I guess you should never have regrets.

I needed to regain my health after several serious illnesses and I honestly cannot believe the difference in my energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing since starting. I have a slipped disc in my back too which Matt is very careful not to aggravate. However, I’d been told I would never deadlift again – wrong!!! This has literally transformed my life.

I am so much more confident than I was and not just because I look better but because I FEEL so much better. That lethargic, constantly tired person has long gone!

I can highly recommend Matt as a coach. There is nothing he doesn’t seem to know about fitness and nutrition. Yes, he makes you work hard, but you need to for results. He is a genuinely nice person, really listens to you and makes you smile through the burn!

The constant support you get is second to none and I know I would still be racking up the miles on the stairmaster, getting nowhere, if I hadn’t met him.

Matt’s work with me is not quite done yet and I am excited about getting even better results!!

If you’re thinking about starting – DO IT – you will be so glad you did.

It could be you next… Work with me