Client of the month

Claire Tiley


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape
  • Improve confidence in and out of the gym

Results to date

Before measurements
Waist 77.5cm
Hips 115cm
Weight 80.5kg
Body fat 34.2%

After measurements
Waist 69cm
Hips 110.5cm
Weight 72.1kg
Body fat 24.5%

So how did we do it?

Claire wanted to lose weight, feel strong and increase her confidence in and out of the gym. With a strong motivating factor of getting married next year she was ready to get stuck straight into training.

I gave Claire a:

  • Training programme – to fit her busy lifestyle as a doctor
  • Specific supplement schedule – to support her hormonal system and function
  • Diet plan – to meet her requirements and day to day schedule
  • Cardio plan – to compliment her training
  • Mobility plan – to work around injuries and improve flexibility

Before working together Claire was mainly focusing on cardio and avoiding a back injury.

With the new programme Claire completed 3+ workouts per week along side her extremely busy shift work as a doctor & managed to drop 8.5cm from her waist & over 8kg following the diet plan (minus a few party weekends).

Well done Claire!

Here’s what Claire has to say..

Since training with Matt I feel so healthy and strong. Fitting into old clothes is a great feeling and feeling super confident when recently going wedding dress shopping was invaluable.

I would highly recommend Matt and I wouldn’t hesitate to train with him again.

It could be you next… Work with me