Client of the month

Nathan Muller


  • Reduce body Fat
  • Improve body shape
  • Improve confidence in and out of the gym

Results to date

Body fat 25.4%

After measurements

Body fat 23.4%


So how did we do it?

This is the second time I worked with Matt to get body fat percentage down.

I’d lose weight, thought I was naturally big.

From the first meeting, everything was laid out clearly, in terms of exercises, supplements and diet. I’m not going to lie and say it was plain sailing. But the sessions, and the plan itself was easy to follow, it always gave me the incentive to push harder.

Initially I thought the weight would drop off fairly slowly. Until I was at work, and people started asking how I was losing weight, and it brought a new self confidence. Looking at the pictures, the before and after, it is pretty amazing how the results actually are.

Since training with Matt, I have gone on to enjoying cycling, something I never thought I’d get into.

I gave Nathan a:

  • Training programme – to fit her busy lifestyle as a doctor
  • Specific supplement schedule – to support her hormonal system and function
  • Diet plan – to meet her requirements and day to day schedule
  • Cardio plan – to compliment her training
  • Mobility plan – to work around injuries and improve flexibility

Before working together Claire was mainly focusing on cardio and avoiding a back injury.

With the new programme Claire completed 3+ workouts per week along side her extremely busy shift work as a doctor & managed to drop 8.5cm from her waist & over 8kg following the diet plan (minus a few party weekends).

Well done Claire!

Here’s what Nathan has to say..

The self confidence the plan has given me, is brilliant!

It could be you next… Work with me