The Perfect Pre Workout For Weights


There is a lot of evidence that coffee can increase the fat burning effect of exercise. Caffeine may help the body mobilize fatty acids from the cells to be used as an energy source rather than glucose. Caffeine is also a strong stimulant & can stimulate a higher workout capacity increasing motivation and intensity of a workout.

Be cautious with coffee or ‘diet’ protein products after a workout though. If they contain caffeine and you are consuming them post workout it will delay recovery & increase cortisol production (the stress hormone), slowing down your fat loss or muscle gaining efforts.


Coconut oil is a form of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) & unlike other fats it is processed in the liver and used for immediate energy within the muscle, not stored like other fats. MCT oil is used in the body almost like a carbohydrate but without the spike in insulin. Using sugars and starches as a pre-workout for a weight training session can be a poor choice as your body’s natural reaction to this is to dump serotonin into the blood, which is great for sending you to sleep. You may realize this now as the reason why you feel tired at the beginning of your workout.


When you train with weights your body will break down muscle protein to access its amino acids to use as a form of energy. Three of the essential amino acids are also known as branch chain amino acids, they are lysine, leucine and valine. Now what is unique about these three amino acids compared to the others is that they do not need to be broken down in the liver they can be broken down in the muscle to be used as energy. Therefore supplementing with BCAAs before or during your workout will actually inhibit muscle breakdown and supply you with an energy source whilst training and also allow you to spare your hard earned muscle from previous workouts and get bigger even faster.

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