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You’re making your bad posture worse by doing this

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Drop sets explained

Drop sets are by far one of my favourite methods of training to increase the workload, (and the nastiness) of a session for myself and my clients for some awesome results with fat loss and gains in lean mass. But what are they?
Drop sets have been around for decades and are not an easy addition to a workout. Basically you do a set of a specific exercise and once you reach your desired rep range you ‘drop’ some of the weight and carry straight on.
For example if you were doing a set of leg press you would squeeze out your 15 reps, … Read more

10 to start gaining muscle

Eat protein every 3 hours

You can’t build muscle without putting in the building blocks. Dietary protein is required to build muscle & the best sources come from animals (poultry, fish, beef, dairy). To ensure that your body stays in a positive nitrogen balance (having an excess of protein to assist in growth & repair) and that your muscles are supplied with constant building material it is essential that you eat every 2 -4 hours.

Look after your gut

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. If you have an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract then you won’t be able … Read more

Should You Stretch When Lifting Weights?

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males show muscle: Shoulders, arms and chest my best tip for each

Guys, your arms, chest and shoulders (aka gunz, pecs & boulders) are your male ‘show muscles.’ They set you apart from the average Joe couch potato and you work hard at them!
With that in mind here is a tip for each to maximise your gainz!
Point at the floor. When performing any variation of bicep curls whether it be barbell, dumbbell, standing or seated. You should always keep your elbows pointing at the floor and also lead with your little finger. One of the main purposes of the biceps muscle is to supinate (hands facing up) the hand, so when doing any … Read more

VIDEO: 2 tips to improve your shoulder workout

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Manipulate these to grow

Have you stopped growing? Are you stuck with the same body size and shape?
How often do you change your workout? Have you been lifting the same weights for a long time? Do you do the same workouts every week? Do you train only a few body parts & miss others out like legs?
If any of this sounds familiar then you need a programme designed by a professional that can help you develop your physique to your absolute potential. I know because I’ve been there myself!
Frustrated with lack of progress & constantly hitting plateaus I set myself the task of researching … Read more