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Will alcohol prevent me gaining muscle?

You love a good drinking session but you also love a great workout and building some real muscle.
Can you do both?
If you haven’t read my article ‘Will alcohol stop me losing weight?’ take a look here as this article will predominantly focus on alcohol’s effect on your ability to build muscle.
So let’s get straight into the facts…
Reduced testosterone production
If you want to build muscle one of the first considerations you should have is if you are producing an optimal amount of testosterone.
Unfortunately every time you consume alcohol this key anabolic hormones production plummets.
Studies have shown that consuming 1.5g of alcohol … Read more

10 tips if arms won’t grow

Guys, who doesn’t want bigger arms? If you’re reading this article I guess you want to know a few tips or secrets that will accelerate your growth.
We all know that frustration of really focusing on our arm training; adding more sets & exercises, or reducing volume as a means of getting them to grow but still not seeing the gains we deserve.
If you’re training hard and eating enough and still struggling to add inches to your gunz read on and I will share some great information.
The more weight you can lift (with … Read more

Perfect Preacher Curls

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Intelligent back building

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Drop sets explained

Drop sets are by far one of my favourite methods of training to increase the workload, (and the nastiness) of a session for myself and my clients for some awesome results with fat loss and gains in lean mass. But what are they?
Drop sets have been around for decades and are not an easy addition to a workout. Basically you do a set of a specific exercise and once you reach your desired rep range you ‘drop’ some of the weight and carry straight on.
For example if you were doing a set of leg press you would squeeze out your 15 reps, … Read more

3 Workouts to get that V-shape

The ‘classic V-shape’ is something that even today is a look that men still aspire to achieve, and why not!? Broad shoulders and back and a tight waist with a good set of abs looks awesome!!
Getting broader shoulders
You getting broader shoulders will be somewhat limited by the length of your clavicle (collar bone) but this doesn’t mean your muscle gains are limited!
The muscles you want to target for getting wider are the medial (middle) heads of your deltoid muscles.
Your deltoids sit at the top of your arms and the medial head is responsible for lifting your arm laterally away from the … Read more

3 Things that slow down recovery

Don’t be your own worst enemy
Ensuring you come into the gym ready to train hard with nothing holding you back, whether it be muscle soreness or poor energy levels should be something all trainees strive for to ensure they are on the path to success.
If you can’t create the right environment for yourself to properly recover then it will become detrimental to your progress, if you get any at all. Here are 3 things which I consistently see and are extremely important for you to avoid to ensure you get adequate recovery.
Poor Sleep Patterns
Getting enough sleep is seriously under-rated.  It … Read more

Perfect deadlift technique for beginners

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