Manipulate these to grow

Have you stopped growing? Are you stuck with the same body size and shape?

How often do you change your workout? Have you been lifting the same weights for what seems like forever? Do you do the same workouts every week? Do you train only a few body parts & miss others out like legs?

If any of this sounds familiar then you need a programme designed by a professional that can help you develop your physique to your absolute potential. I know because I’ve been there myself and I’ve coached hundreds of men out of plateaus so that they continue to build pounds of lean muscle.

Building a strong an impressive physique so you feel confident and powerful is well within your grasp but there are a few elements you need to consider and manipulate to achieve success…..


How often you will train per week or how often you will train a specific workout/body part.


Broken down into the number of exercises, sets & reps you do for a specific workout.


One form of intensity is the amount of weight being lifted. More weight = higher intensity.


Certain exercises have natural progressions going from a barbell to dumbbells on a bench-press would be a good example of this.


Ensuring your lift more each workout, an extra rep or two or a small increase in the amount of weight lifted (keeping a training diary is essential for this).


Simple small changes to an exercise can have big effects on growth. Simple things like changing your foot stance on a squat or using a thick bar for a barbell curl are good examples.


The speed at which you move through each phase of an exercise can be an extremely powerful tool used to coax your muscles into growing.


If you’re training hard & not growing EAT MORE! You can’t build a house without the building blocks, nor can you drive a fast car without petrol!

Getting a good programme is extremely hard to come by as the programmes found in monthly magazines & websites are usually generically created with random exercises thrown together with no taking into account of the specifics & individual needs of the lifter.

I cannot stress how important it is to get professional help from a reputable trustworthy trainer if you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life.



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