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10 tips if arms won’t grow

Guys, who doesn’t want bigger arms? If you’re reading this article I guess you want to know a few tips or secrets that will accelerate your growth.
We all know that frustration of really focusing on our arm training; adding more sets & exercises, or reducing volume as a means of getting them to grow but still not seeing the gains we deserve.
If you’re training hard and eating enough and still struggling to add inches to your gunz read on and I will share some great information.
The more weight you can lift (with … Read more

How often should you weigh yourself

So you’re doing everything you can to lose weight. You’re eating clean, training hard and avoiding the peer pressure nights out and take aways. You’ve had a good week and jump on the scales…….
You haven’t lost any weight.
The disappointment and frustration you feel for a few hours after this will likely make you contemplate throwing in the towel and eating your body weight in pizza and chocolate or it might make you drastically restrict your calories in an effort to force weight loss to occur.
These are all completely normal feelings but before you ‘hit the hut’ have a think about … Read more

Perfect Preacher Curls

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Intelligent back building

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Motivation is BS 3. What’s your why?

Be brave enough to write down every goal you have, no matter how weird or outrageous other people may find them, write them down and look at them frequently. This in itself is a powerful tool to keep you on the right track. But is it powerful enough? Will these goals simply become a list on a scrap of paper under some other pieces of paper on a desk or in a drawer somewhere? Why keep looking at them at all? How important are they to you?
What is your ‘why?’
If I asked you where the richest place on the planet … Read more

Motivation is BS 2. Who do you want to be?

External motivation is bu****it I’ve got the real secret to success with your physique. The secret to getting you into fantastic shape quickly, the secret to getting you results that people won’t believe, the secret why my clients consistently achieve better results than a lot of the other trainers in the industry.
There is no secret. Except perhaps one, the complete and absolute dedication and relentlessness to get a grip of your life, your training and eating habits and force your body to change. The one paramount key to getting a physique transformation or even dropping a few pounds … Read more

External motivation is BS

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My free weight challenge to you

So you think you’re training pretty hard, your diet is on point and you are utilising supplements that you know will help improve your physique but you’re stuck. Sometimes you need to introduce new methods in order to break through a plateau or even better, avoid one. There are hundreds of training techniques you can utilise in order to more effectively target and overload your muscle fibres leading to increased strength and hypertrophy (size) and some of them are so basic that they have been forgotten for more ‘fancy techniques’.
Free weights
Some people avoid free weights all together but most people … Read more

10 Tips to start gaining muscle

Eat enough protein

You can’t build muscle without putting in the building blocks. Dietary protein is required to build muscle & the best sources come from animals (poultry, fish, beef, dairy). To ensure that your body stays in a positive nitrogen balance (having an excess of protein to assist in growth & repair) and that your muscles are supplied with constant building material it is essential that you eat every 2 -4 hours. 1.5g-2g per lean kg of body weight.

Look after your gut

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. If you have an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract … Read more

5 ways to keep your new years motivation

When I was in school (a while ago now) it seemed that everyone set New Years resolutions. There now seems to be a big trend that no one sets them because it is widely accepted that; they don’t work, you give up easily or you simply forget them a few months later.
Note: gyms have realised this and sell a lot of 3-4 month memberships in January!
I am a massive fan of New Years resolutions. Every year I get the feeling of ‘out with the old in with the new’ and it’s quite common to see me on New Year’s Day … Read more