Ladies: Try this for a better bum

With popular social media users frequently posting pictures of great female bottoms with a ‘she squats’ caption or reference to squatting, I feel it’s time to explain this and also enhance on the ‘squatting’ idea for a great bum.



bum-2 bum

Squatting is a great exercise, full stop! And everyone (within reason) should be able to squat and squat low! Sorry to tell you but your Gluteus Maximus (bum muscles, also known as glutes) are mainly activated when you go below parallel in the bottom position of the movement. So if you’re not squatting low don’t expect the best results. Now a lot of people reading this and indeed some trainers will immediately see red lights and decide that ‘squatting below parallel is bad for the knees!’ I am here to tell you that this is absolute rubbish!

I would like to introduce you to someone:


This is Tom Platz a legendary bodybuilder renowned for having some of the best legs in the game, and his squatting technique and intensity are unparalleled. You can watch some of his feats of strength here:

The great thing that gave Tom his amazing legs was that he squatted a lot and he squatted low & he squatted HEAVY. If going below parallel was destructive to the knee structures then surely he would be a cripple today? Also if you observe many individuals in Asian countries they can spend hours in this deep squat position as it is just a part of their life.

So with that out of the way let’s talk about the best workout to shape and tone up the bum.

There are tons of exercises for the quads that will improve the muscle tone and tighten the glutes & any one of my clients or training partners will tell you I love walking lunges. But not all exercise are safe to read from a website and then try to perform them on your own due to issues beyond the scope of this article (technique, structural balance & flexibility etc) so with that in mind here is a great workout that will give you a great bum & improve structural balance.


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