10 ways to make dieting a pleasure

The word ‘dieting’ can conjure up all kinds of negative connotations in people who know they should make a change to improve their health and body shape but already struggle with barriers to getting started like fear of becoming restricted, miserable and frustrated by the regimented eating pattern most people think ‘dieting’ consists of.

Even the word ‘dieting’ itself has become a word that the ‘politically correct police’ would ask us to shy away from in fear that we will damage peoples emotions in some way…..

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what you call it, the reason you have the health and body you currently have at the moment is due to the choices you’ve made up until now and a positive change in ‘diet’ will create a positive change in your health and body.

The nutrition I deliver to my clients is far from restrictive and does nothing but improve their health, (physical & mental) and wellbeing. The body fat melts off and they can gain muscle if they want to.

My take on dieting

You shouldn’t feel restricted. You should feel liberated to go out and potentially learn a whole new style of eating with endless flavour combinations, textures and cooking methods!

Who wouldn’t get excited for that…?

So here are 10 ways to make ‘dieting’ a pleasure

1. Find a new recipe

There are plenty of resources on and off the internet to find new recipes to experiment with. Simply type your favourite food or ingredients into a search engine and you will find loads of recipes on how to make various different versions of that food.

Here are some great low carb breakfast recipes.

Here are some great day to day recipes to help burn fat

2. Buy a new cook book

The shelves at your local book shop display an endless array of, meat, vegetarian, Italian, paleo, Indian etc, cook books. Pick one, have a flick through and start enjoying the wide range of foods and flavours available to you. This really is what foods all about, enjoying not only new dishes but different cultural styles of eating.

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3. Take a class

This one can be really fun. I’ve done a few cooking classes and always met really nice people who have a passion for food and you can learn a heck of a lot from the chef/teacher so you can become your own little chef when you get back home. Being kitchen savvy really is the corner stone of happy eating.

4. Ask a fit friend for their favourite meals

Send that text… Ask your fittest friend what their favourite ‘diet’ food is and pick their brains about their favourite recipes and any little tips you can get from them to ensure you get enjoyment out of what youre eating.

5. Search for a new vegetable

This should be near the top of the list. Every few weeks go for a wonder round the fruit and vegetable isle at your local super market or even a foreign food market and hunt out something different. Don’t think, just buy it then get a recipe when you get home or just add it to your normal food for a bit of variation.

6. Search for a new kind of protein

Here in the UK we have to go hunting (not literally, just round the supermarket) if we want anything other than chicken, beef, pork, turkey, salmon, tuna and various white fish. Why not try some buffalo or Elk or even some tilapia?

7. Search for a new carb

Rice or sweet potato? bread or noodle? which ever your staple ‘go-to’ carb is why not switch it up next time you go shopping? Try millet, buckwheat, cous cous or a sprouted grain…

8. The ‘how tasty’ experiment

Sit down with your family or friends once a week and rate a recipe. All sitting around the dinner table you can try your latest recipe and give it a number out of 10 for how tasty it is and if you would incorporate it into your day to day eating.

9. Healthiest place to eat in town

Again you can ask a fit friend where they go for lunch when you’re at work or you can hit the search engine again. If you’re a Londoner like me its very quickly becoming trendy to ‘eat healthy’ so the choices are increasing all the time.

10. Food party

Get a group of friends together (preferably all with an interest in healthy eating) and have a food party. Everyone has to bring a healthy dish which they’ve cooked from scratch, list the ingredients and method and everyone can try it. Swap recipes and have a great time doing it.

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