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Hi I’m Matt Knight Welcome to my Website

How I can help you…

I’ve been a highly successful personal trainer now for over 10 years and during that time I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight, get fit and get the body shape they never thought possible. I never give up on my clients…. with my customised training together with their own determination, I work tirelessly to ensure they always get exactly the body they want.

My tailored training programmes are specially designed to help you burn body fat fast, build solid muscle and become much healthier and fitter in the process. My scientific approach to body sculpting is unique amongst personal trainers, and is proven to get results fast, as many of my past and existing clients will testify.

Is my unique customised training programme for you?

If you’re male and want to get into shape by losing fat and gaining rock hard muscle, my bespoke training and nutrition programme can help you get there faster. And if you’re female and want to drop a few dress sizes and gain a bikini body you can be proud of, I’m ready to start working with you today. Whatever your aspirations, you can count on me to deliver the results you want or maybe even been dreaming of for so long.

My methods involve working with you to determine how best to achieve your goals. This means I’ll provide you with a special nutritious diet plan that really works. I’ll also devise a set of exercise routines especially for you that will tone up your whole body and begin to reveal true definition. I’ll be with you every step of the way. During your online training, you’ll be able to contact me directly at any time and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

Online training at your own pace

I can’t possibly train everyone at my local gym, so wherever you are in the country or even in the world, I’ll come to you… through the power of video. My specially developed online training programmes are designed and customised to suit your individual and personal goals. This enables you to train at your own convenience, in your own time and when your workout sessions best suits your schedule. You just follow your bespoke diet plan and exercise routine, which I will personally set for you, and it will be just like I’m there right with you in the gym.

If you want the very best possible, 100% guaranteed results, and at the very best value for money, you need to get together with the very best personal trainer. I’m waiting for you to join me today…

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Services include…

  • 1:1 personal coaching
  • Diet & supplement planning
  • Full transformations
  • Rapid and sustainable fat loss
  • Advanced muscle gains
  • Beach body workouts
  • Wedding day fitness plans
  • Photo shoot prep
  • Online coaching
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Posture correction
  • Full health check
  • + many more packages!
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